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ZOZEN contributed its share for green construction industry in South Africa

Time:Sep 21, 2020 Views: 2

The beautiful Rainbow Nation of South Africa, abounds in gold ores, is the second largest economy in Africa. As an international modern manufacturing enterprise, ZOZEN is committed to exploring the global market and has exported boilers to South Africa, where ZOZEN reached cooperation with many newly-rising enterprises like PHOLACO PTY LTD.

Pholaco specializes in the manufacture of materials for alternative building methodologies and modern high-performance building solutions utilizing green building components and systems, main products include the light steel frame (LSF), EPS panel and cellulose lightweight concrete (CLC).

In the production of building materials, the processes of synthesizing and drying are in need of a lot of steam support. As the only steam supply equipment, the performance of the steam boiler has a direct influence on the production line. Along with the increasing problem of energy and environment, the government of South Africa has formulated strict environmental protection policies for local enterprises. Therefore, Pholaco planned to replace previous high polluting and high energy-consuming boilers with energy-saving and environment-friendly ones.

The basic industry in South Africa is weak and the mechanical equipment relies on import. After comprehensive analysis and comparison on the products, services and overall strength of excellent boiler suppliers all over the world, Pholaco set its sight firmly on ZOZEN, which has a good reputation in the African boiler market.

Considering the strict requirements and actual working conditions of boilers, the product manager of ZOZEN recommended the company with the oil-fired boiler featuring excellent energy saving and environmental protection performance. This kind of boiler equips a large-diameter furnace and energy-efficient devices to ensure the sufficient combustion and low fuel consumption, which will effectively improve the thermal efficiency up to 98%; In addition, the boiler adopts an advanced low NOx burner along with stratified combustion technology to reduce the NOx emission below 30mg/Nm3, which will fully meet the strict environmental protection requirements of the government.

ZOZEN adopts advanced numerical control machining to manufacture boiler components and parts, which effectively reduces the assemble stress and improves the stability of products; The key positions such as boiler drums use automatic submerged-arc welding technology and 100% X-ray inspection to guarantee the greatest degree of welding quality; Set hold points to strictly ensure that the pre-expansion is performed before the welding process to avoid the cracking of pipe holes. Advanced manufacturing technology will both ensure the quality and safety and extend the boiler working lifetime.

Now the boiler has been running smoothly for a period of time in beautiful Western Cape, it received consistent high praise because it has created great economic benefits as well as social benefit with its excellent environmental protection performance.

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