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ZOZEN solves the problems of boilers in high altitude for Bolivian enterprises

Time:Sep 21, 2020 Views: 2

As one of the Belt and Road members, Bolivia has more and more economic and trade cooperation with Chinese companies. The boilers introduced by ZOZEN for high altitude areas are welcomed by many industries in Bolivia due to their high efficiency and low energy consumption.

Bolivia, a high-altitude landlocked country in central South America, has a lithium resource reserve of 21 million tons, ranking first in the world. Lithium is a key raw material for battery production. In the next few decades, the exploration and industrialization of lithium mines will become one of the pillar industries of the Bolivian economy. As the important energy equipment, the boiler will play a non-negligible role in this industry.

Bolivia's rich oil and gas resources determine the widely use of gas fired and oil fired boilers in the region. Bolivia is the highest average altitude country in the world, local Bolivian companies have higher requirements for boilers than general boilers. As the altitude increases, the atmospheric pressure and the air density decrease accordingly, which adversely affects boiler combustion. General gas-fired boilers will have problems such as insufficient output and low thermal efficiency when running at high altitudes, which will not only increase energy consumption, reduce corporate profits, but also cause air pollution and greatly shorten the service life of the boiler.

In view of this situation, ZOZEN technical team makes adjustments from the combustion system and exhaust system of boiler, fully considering the influence of low air pressure on boiler body design and combustion. By appropriately increasing the volume of the furnace to extend the residence time of the fuel in the furnace, and the problems of slow fuel burning speed and long burning time are solved. Meanwhile, in order to reduce the heat loss of flue gas, ZOZEN increases the area of the convective heating surface at all levels to ensure that the exhaust temperature does not rise too much; and ZOZEN adjusts the air volume and wind pressure of the burner to ensure that the boiler meets the actual use requirements of the customer's production line.

ZOZEN solves the problems of boilers in high altitude for Bolivian enterprises

The delivery of SZS series gas-fired steam boiler

Through these adjustments, ZOZEN has changed the low-energy and high-consumption running state of boilers in high-altitude areas, and has obtained rich project experience in high altitude areas. At present, the 35-tph SHX series circulating fluidized bed steam boiler for Qinghai Salt Lake and the WNS series gas steam boiler for China National Petroleum Qinghai Material Equipment Co., Ltd. are all projects applied to high-altitude areas. The measured actual steam output fully meets customers' needs. Recently, the large state-owned lithium mine company in Bolivia also reached an initial cooperation intention with ZOZEN after multiple market research and field visits.

ZOZEN solves the problems of boilers in high altitude for Bolivian enterprises

Bolivian customers visited the production workshop of ZOZEN

In Bolivia, except for energy mineral resources related industries, the development of key industries such as agricultural production, forestry development and hotel hotel infrastructure construction in tourism also requires the support of boilers. In the future, more and more Bolivian companies will cooperate with ZOZEN.

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