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ZOZEN environmental protection boilers shine on the stage of Thailand market

Time:Sep 21, 2020 Views: 1

As the pioneer of Asian environment-friendly boilers, ZOZEN is vigorously expanding the international market and has reached cooperation with Thai Glucose Co., Ltd. in Thailand.

Founded in 1987, Thai Glucose Co., Ltd. (TG) is a professional manufacturer of glucose syrup, fructose syrup, dextrose monohydrate and other special specifications. A steam boiler is the indispensable important device of its production line, providing sufficient steam for the production processes of purification, evaporation and drying.

The previous steam boilers of TG had obvious shortcomings in the output and quality of the steam, which had a significant impact on its production capacity. TG strictly controls the quality of each syrup production process; therefore, high-quality steam is required. To ensure the product quality, introducing one set of high-performance steam boiler became a top priority. In addition, with the growing pressure of Thailand economy to keep "green", Thai Glucose decided to use biomass fuel as boiler fuel.

The biomass-fired boiler uses biomass energy as energy source, achieving zero sulfur dioxide emission. But due to the complicated construction of biomass-fired boilers, furnace arch burning down, furnace door burning out, hopper catching fire and stopper coking are commonly occurred and inevitable problems when operating the boiler, which have bedeviled most of boiler manufacturing enterprises for years.

Relying on technological innovation, ZOZEN has designed and developed a new generation biomass-fired boiler, which not only takes the lead in solving the above problems, but also has more outstanding advantages in performance. ZOZEN won the trust of TG with its excellent product quality and outstanding product performance.

ZOZEN environmental protection boilers shine on the stage of Thailand market

ZOZEN provided TG with one set of 6 tph SZL series biomass-fired steam boiler. This kind of boiler has wide fuel adaptability, is suitable for a wide variety of biomass fuels. The ZOZEN biomass-fired boiler has optimized the design of the feeding hopper, the length and width of the fire grate, etc. according to the different kinds of fuel characteristics. The above features ensure the sufficient output, high thermal efficiency and stable operation of the boiler. In addition, the biomass boiler avoids the problems of ash deposition, coking, and burning of the and hopper by increasing the furnace height and the rotary speed of gearbox.

This series of boilers is the packaged or shop-assembled boiler, designed to maximize the ease of field installation and reduce the impact on the production line; High level of automation that requires less involvement of operational and maintenance personnel; Safety is assured by the advanced control system, which effectively improve the economic benefits of TG. Both the product performance and environmental performance have exceeded the TG's expectations.

ZOZEN environmental protection boilers shine on the stage of Thailand market

As an international boiler supplier, ZOZEN will seize the opportunity of the Belt and Road, and strive to be a manufacturing enterprise with international competitiveness by upgrading products and services.

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